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         I didn't start photography early...I had my first photo lessons as i was in Roma, as an Erasmus student. I chose these photography lessons a bit like chance. I've always been interested in cinema and photography, but i would have never thought that it could be possible one day...

And there it is. These lessons in Roma made me want to go on. After studying political sciences in Strasbourg, i went to a school of photography in Paris, Icart-Photo.

Photography doesn't really interest me by itself but as a media.  Photography is a witness of facts, of time...Thanks to photography so many things can change. I'm interested the most in photojournalism, even if most of my pictures are of another kind. I keep thinking that one can make a testify adding some personal way of saying or opinions to it...Photography will never be neutral and that's why it's so fascinating. I'm 25 years old and i've been living in New York for some month. I hope that i'll be able to work as a photo reporter.

Here are my photos...


Portfolio (1st part)

Conditioned Age

Portfolio (2nd part)

Conditioned Earth

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